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Bozo's Montreux
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I'll be doing a musical project for the next few months: some crowd-sourced covers. Guidelines:

1) I'll be doing 10 cover songs, 9 of them by request (saving one spot for myself). They don't have to be in my usual style; I'll surely choose some that are in my wheelhouse, but I want to have a few departures on there, too, so feel free to suggest anything. (If you don't know what my usual style is, go to Facebook and look up Trembles of Fortune.)

2) You can suggest as many songs as you like, but I'll be choosing no more than one from any particular requester.

3) *How* I cover a song is up to me: a faithful version, a version in a totally different style, a parody, anything goes.

4) I'll be recording these covers in my home studio during June and July. That's a pretty quick recording schedule, so requests have a better chance if they require less production (or if I choose a heavily produced song, I might do a stripped-down version of it.)

5) I'll consider obscure songs, but well-known songs have a somewhat better chance of getting through.

Fire away!
21st-Jul-2011 09:09 am - new blog
I have one: scrambledandunscrambled.blogspot.com is its home. I'll still keep this one around, though I might not post to it often and when I do it'll be Scrabbly stuff.
17th-Aug-2010 10:21 pm(no subject)
Note: Entries here are friends-locked. But if you ask I'll most likely add you.
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